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PMS :: Project Management System


what is pms management system

PMS is the management section for IR48 related projects by enabling the teams to work online from their mobile application on the go and do the task anywhere they are.

About IR48 Projects

PMS is a place that all the IR48 network sites are going to extend their features by a smart collaboration from individual teams all from one administration place.

smart e-working platform

No need to be at physical office, Working 100% online for each team members without necessary to quit current jobs by doing tasks any hours of the day and week. only the output result are important for the 48 team managers.

Online Job Apply

To become a member of IR48 teams you only need to start filling out the job apply form via the online forms and send your request to the HR departments and wait for the confirm and invitation message to start your work.

PMS Confirmation and invitation message

After sending the job application form you may receive the confirmation message by instruction about how to continue your request to the PMS teams include how to download applications and access to the members area

Access to the PMS Panel

PMS Control panel is the area that all the official team members have only access to check the projects, their assigned tasks and monitors the details of projects development by fast communication with other members.

Download PMS Applications

To get smart access to the project panels the team members can download and install the applications for their mobile and monitor, create, report and send details about their process in tasks on the go from around the globe.

Download Applications

watch PMS videos

Let know more about the IR48 PMS by watching the official videos from its powerful associated developer JIVE software. incredible features for IR48 to let this network move fast and smart to its future business plans.

PMS Payment system

PMS is developing its smart billing and payment system to calculate the team activities and do payment to their account around the world related to the requested currencies into bank accounts each month.
this section of PMS is now under development and will be launched soon.